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Free Consultations with Expert Technicians

Call us today to set up your FREE consultation. One of our expert technicians will swing by your residence or business to assess the building’s energy needs and discuss your expectations. Our consultations are detailed and performed with no obligation and no pressure on you. For homes and some small businesses, we provide you with all the calculations for the right generator on the spot. For larger businesses and those that utilize a range of equipment, we draw up a proposal after a thorough assessment of your business’ needs.

Every Job is Unique

Each home and business is different and requires a generator that will work exactly as you intend it to. Whether you want everything powered up or just your bare-bones utilities, we can find a generator for you.

But it all starts with a free consultation. The only way we can accurately assess your energy needs is to come straight to you and see the building ourselves. Estimates over the phone simply won’t do. Furthermore, we don’t believe in selling you things you don’t need. You can trust that we only give you honest evaluations and transparent advice for the perfect energy solution.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

There’s no need to be powerless! Call us at 219-662-5976 today to schedule your free consultation.

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Free Consultations


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